Our team at ineedhits just launched a new product for the moms and pops market and SMBs. It's called Local Search Listings.

You can read the full press release here.


Minti was just ranked 5th Australian Web 2.0 company/website.

See here for the blog post on ReadWriteWeb.
See here for the list and the placings.

Matthew our Minti Co-Founder will be attending the event in Sydney next week. Let me know if you want to meet him.


Here is a bit of Aussie Internet news... Ansearch just bought Webfirm for AUD\$5M. Click here to see WA Business News reporting on the deal.

This is interesting to me for a few reasons, including the fact that my brother in law did a lot of Webfirm's SEO work for many years before quitting recently. Also the fact that they are Australian firms, and in a similar space to ineedhits (Rachel and I own).


I stumbled over the ineedhits 10 yr timeline the other night. And I am impressed with how it looks, plus what we have achieved in 10 yrs.


I guess it is best described as a small incubator. See here as an example.

If you are a developer that is interested in building small apps and websites, and would like to have options in what you build. Let us know.


We are in the process of setting up Codestr LLC.


Awesome - I worked out how to add customer html elements to my sidebar. I now have added the twitter badge and resized it 185 width. Hope you like it.


Trying to add my twitter badge to the side bar of this blog, but it's not working! Frustrating... weebly "custom html" element is having issues :s

welcome 05/15/2007

welcome to my new blog. Codestr is a new company we are setting up in Silicon Valley. More to come. Subscribe to the RSS feed.


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